Marketing and Non-Technical Things

Letterbox has officially launched its Android app! Currently we have around 10 users, and our 100 users by STePS has been blocked by a commonly hated enemy, App Store review. Now that the implementation is almost done (we’re working on a new feature), there’s a bunch of non-technical things to do.


For a team of 4 CS students, marketing has got to be one of the hardest thing to do. I think we did this part well by printing posters, heading down to take pictures of random strangers to post on our Facebook page, making sure our Facebook page is getting likes etc.

I think one of the lessons learnt from Henry and ShopBack was the conversion funnel. Marketing is only responsible for bringing traffic into the funnel. What’s going on with Letterbox is the lack of actual user conversion rate. Users know about Letterbox, but what next? None of them are using it. We need users, not likers.

Good news is, I’ve gotten over the barrier of speaking to strangers about Letterbox. Talking to strangers about a dating app is really fun, especially when you’re riding on a hoverboard. It’s easy to catch the attention of people when you’re on such a ‘mobility device’ and it could be a business model to rent one of these as a marketing tool. *kidding*

We’ve also got a *secret* video coming up for STePS! It’ll be AWESOME we promise. 🙂


In the meantime, we have also spoken to a few people whom we can partner with. Actually, just one for now. NUStyle. This is a work in progress and I do hope this partnership can follow through!


Of course, refining our pitch has always been a priority. We refine our pitch every progress report, and for the class presentation I believe the pitch was more or less final.

Letterbox is a dating app that matches you with people with similar opinions and mindsets.

(The double ‘with’ kinda annoys me)

So what’s there left to do? The deals part of our app is still being implemented, it’s in its final stages now and all we have to do is to test it and seed the database with more deals.

We’re really looking forward to STePS to present what we have, I dare say Letterbox is our ‘baby’ and we can’t wait for it to grow!



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