Really Overdue Update

Here’s time for a really late update for this blog. The workload for other modules suddenly went on steroids, and coupled with different things we are trying to do with our Letterbox application, this blog seemed to be neglected.

What has been happening so far for 3216?


Letterbox is a dating app that allows you to meet new people with similar mindset and opinions of life, instead of random matching by location.

(This is a much better pitch as recommended by Colin)

We’ve been through multiple rounds of idea validation with Prof Ben, Colin, and other TAs before we finally agreed on doing the dating app this way.

So what have I learnt so far?

Talking to people is pretty important to get feedback. I think I’ve talked to many acquaintances in Tembusu, and more recently, gathered some feedback from people sitting along the corridors of AS6. (All girls! Pitching is harder than saying pickup lines. Or at least that’s what I think) We’ve gotten some valuable feedback from doing so and I have to admit that it was pretty fun, although a little nerve wrecking.

Down to the engineering part, we already have an MVP done. It needs some polishing and also deployment issues to iOS and Android. Doing a hybrid application is really a pain and I would think that doing a native application would have been much easier.

But we wouldn’t want to miss out on any camps of users, and we did not want to slow down on iteration too. I still think it was a good choice to do it up as a hybrid application.

A few new concepts I’ve learnt would be Angular best practices together with new CSS tricks such as flex-box and CSS3 animations. Still leveling up frontend wise.

The remaining weeks shall be more focused on marketing our application. That’s something that we lack and really hoping that we could figure something out soon.

Here’s to Letterbox’s success! šŸ»


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