It’s halfway through the semester and CS3216 has been treating me really well. Remember when I said I should keep count of my hours of sleep? It’s been going up lately. With at least 40 hours of sleep a week. Assignment 3 feels much more manageable when we did not decide to go ahead with something very complicated.

Final project planning has been nothing but full of uncertainty. Having failed assignment 1’s execution once, I think it’s normal to plan more carefully and with better foresight this time. Prof Ben has provided us with a quite a bit of comments and ideas, now it’s up to us to decide how to execute it best. However I am still unsure if we should go ahead with such an idea given that it has failed the first time.

We should not be afraid of failure.

To put what I learnt in CS3216 into application, I’ve been browsing Angel.co for different startups to understand their ideas better. One of the best lessons learnt from this course so far would be to identify the quality of an idea. What pain point does it solve, how is it going to be executed, is there a market for this?

It is common for us computing students to be approached by different people seeking to start their own business. I would very much like to try out being a technical co-founder one day, but not for the wrong ideas.

Here’s to hoping that our final project execution would be done in a more organized and productive way!


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