Assignment 1 is due in one week’s time and I honestly do not feel very ready about it.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, our team decided to go ahead with React.js with Redux, and recently shifted from that into Reflux. I think this was one of the major issues that I did not handle properly, leading to a massive snowballing of work. Thinking that it would be possible to dive into a project not knowing my tools well and expecting to learn while building the actual product is a big mistake. We were over-ambitious.

What could be done better?

There are many smaller ways to first fully understand React.js + Redux/Reflux before I actually come up with the skeleton of the project. Our initial repository was a complete clone of a tutorial on Medium and it did not turn out very well since it was bloated with many things we didn’t need.

The lesson learnt?

Never clone repositories you don’t understand.

In fact I wish that I had written the entire structure of the app by myself, which gives me full ownership and control of what I want and what I do not want. Toying with new technology is cool and exciting but at the same time counter-productive. But at least we figured that out halfway and things are moving relatively more smoothly now.

Assignment 2’s presentation is due today and I hope to share with everyone what our team has found out about Medium. Some feel that assignment 2 is a complete waste of time, but for my team I felt that we took into account different perspectives of how such an app with near perfect UI/UX, Medium, have their own flaws. In the process of product development, this is pretty important as well.

So here’s to the presentation later, and to the completion of assignment 1 soon! (Hopefully it ships fine!)


One thought on “Over-ambitious

  1. Live and learn, live and learn. 🙂

    And yeah you do need to have _some_ clue on your frameworks before using them. I would poke around with a toy project before using it for something real.


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