CS3216 – Week 1

Some of the major takeaways from this short week:

I think it was emphasised extensively in class that execution is the most important step in this module. The ability to turn an idea into a tangible product should be the key takeaway from this course.

The module was started based on a simple idea: To see what happens when the best students are put together, and made to suffer. The idea that I am amongst people with stronger technical background as me is really exciting. I would not want to stay in my comfort zone for too long since “if you’re the smartest in the room, you’re probably in the wrong room.” I believe CS3216 is the right room for me right now. (Although I’m not usually the smartest in other rooms)

The workshop this weekend was to teach us how to setup an AWS EC2 instance. Comprises mostly of simple clicks and I finally got to understand chmod properly. This should be pretty important for my other tasks.

My group for assignment 1 consist of Xinan, Mingyu and Karen. We came up with a few awesome ideas but still haven’t got down to executing it yet. Do not waterfall was the tip given in the assignment specifications. I hope we can get down to building the product soon.

Another thing I wish to keep track is the number of hours of sleep I get per week. The first week was a whopping 40 hours. Let’s see if this number will start to decrease (and eventually hit zero) in time to come.


One thought on “CS3216 – Week 1

  1. Well yeah, you can’t waterfall for user-intensive apps like what you find on FB or mobile devices. That said, waterfall is not all bad; you do need waterfall (or at least some form of SDLC) for very large enterprise level projects that require significant coordination between business units.


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